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Friday, February 24, 2012

It's been a while, and Cindy Sherman, and the CHERYL party

Photo Caption: Here is a self portrait, inspired somewhat by Sherman's work.

I took a hiatus from posting for a while. Now I'm going to try again.

The CHERYL party is hosting an event in honor of the Cindy Sherman retrospective at MOMA. This is just so damn cool I have a hard time speaking. CHERYL is a super fun artist collective that have been doing dope parties at the Bell House in Park Slope for a while now. I went to a Harry Potter themed one that was remarkable. And, Cindy. Sherman. I think I'm going to _have_ to re-up my MOMA membership just so I can go to members only days for that show. I kind of don't want to write about it in hopes that the whole internet won't buy memberships and then make it too crowded. :P But it's a good deal, especially if you dislike crowds and waiting in lines. They also have members only cocktail parties and a great discount at the eateries (the italian cafe is amazing) and shops. The couple's membership is an especially good deal. A great gift! Boy, am I looking forward to the Sherman exhibit! And to dancing. In MOMA. Speaking of which, there's been quite a bit of hub bub about the Kraftwerk retrospective as well. Ticket limits and hitler or something. Oh, the internet. But what I think is noteworthy is the fact that they are curating music in such a way. It reminds me a little bit of the Mathew Barney show, but that was more comfortable since it was "video art". It's interesting that techno is the first music to be curated by MOMA. Interesting indeed.