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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Great Blog for Music Mining

Beedubblyer is a former colleague of mine from Amsterdam. He handles all the promo music that gets sent to WK Amsterdam and used to be in the music biz. He's always got great new stuff to check out, like this post about Mexican techno group, No Somos Machos Pero Somos Muchos.

The Woes at Barbes - December 29th

I went down to Barbes for the first time tonight, and I really liked it. A bit crowded, perhaps. Their website had the following description of the Woes on their site: "Frontman Osei Essed and Cicero Jones, a French Horn player and gospel organist, formed The Woes in 2002, inspired by Delta blues, early Country, bluegrass and New Orleans marching band music, they call their music 'Post-Apocalyptic traditional music'". That's pretty informative. I'd peg it closer to marching band, in overall feeling, but the lyrics, voice, and banjos create a bluegrass/country underpinning to the racous but adept brass section. It's the kind of music my parents love to listen to. And on a night when I wasn't in the mood for electric geetars or techno music, it was just right. I bought a copy of the cd, titled "That Coke Oven March", which I'm sure will get more quality listening.
Check back for a drawing I made of the lead singer while sipping a perky Six Points I.P.A...until then (and for a limited time), you can download the album here.

Official Site (sells the albums!)