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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Woes at Barbes - December 29th

I went down to Barbes for the first time tonight, and I really liked it. A bit crowded, perhaps. Their website had the following description of the Woes on their site: "Frontman Osei Essed and Cicero Jones, a French Horn player and gospel organist, formed The Woes in 2002, inspired by Delta blues, early Country, bluegrass and New Orleans marching band music, they call their music 'Post-Apocalyptic traditional music'". That's pretty informative. I'd peg it closer to marching band, in overall feeling, but the lyrics, voice, and banjos create a bluegrass/country underpinning to the racous but adept brass section. It's the kind of music my parents love to listen to. And on a night when I wasn't in the mood for electric geetars or techno music, it was just right. I bought a copy of the cd, titled "That Coke Oven March", which I'm sure will get more quality listening.
Check back for a drawing I made of the lead singer while sipping a perky Six Points I.P.A...until then (and for a limited time), you can download the album here.

Official Site (sells the albums!)

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