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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spider Lillies

These lovely ladies are the leads in Spider Lilies, a film from Taiwan that just won a Teddy award at the Berlin film festival. I clicked on the instant button at Netflix admittedly just because I was feeling kind of horny, and they recommended it because I loved The Dreamers so much. Well, it was REALLY good. I mean, I've taught myself to cry at chick flicks - mostly for the stress relieve benefits, but this one really had me going. It is so beautifully shot. And it doesn't make a huge deal out of the fact that the lovers are two women. And the tattoos are so cool. I can't really say more without spoiling it, but even if you're not into lesbians or romance or foreign film, you should still watch it.

> Check out the Trailer on YouTube
> Asian Popcorn Premeire coverage (where this sizzlin' pic is from)
> Screenpics of my favorite scenes
> Buy the DVD

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