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Saturday, September 26, 2009

General Greene

The General Greene gets a lot of bad reviews, but since I'm a long-time (decade plus) Clinton Hill resident, and a foodie, I pay it particular attention. Here's why:

The menu is designed to be eaten family-style, like 4 people. The dishes are seasoned very difffently so they do best paired as 3-4 different items. Somewhat similar to Thankgsiving. Or Chinese food.

My first dinner there consisted of a salty leafy green saute (salty), vegetable chilie, (bland), and quinoa salad-heavenly balanced and garnished with toasted walnuts [imagine at home with pecans], and I understood that either people had failed to understand the concept of the place, or the owners/waiters failed to convey the critical information.

As a solo or double (as in date) diner, the selection is a bit shorter. I lovvved the fresh ricotta and pea shoot toasts. For Brunch the spot's specialty, pastries, really shined (I took 2.5 quickbreads home with me and ate them over the next 2 days - delightful all 3!). However, I still love my scrambled tofu and my companion's French Toast was a bit TOO much like dessert. Speaking of dessert, OMG the ice cream is heavenly. The Salted Caramel is a bit much, so I suggest mixing it with vanilla or coffee and sharing with a friend :D

PS: Best summer drink ever: Vodka, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Simple Syrup, mint, shake/stir, splash of soda. Kelso Brewing company - local Clinton Hill beer! Interesting, until someone told me it was probably brewed in a bathtub : /

Not recommended: the beet salad is blah, and same with the lentil. The mac n cheese will fill you up, but it's not cheesy or interesting enough. The wine is sub-par. I wish I had've had an opportunity to try the Rhubarb Crisp. Looking forward to the fall menu and knocking-off the Quinoa recipe. They should approach Cooking Light for a feature

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